• Syed Huss

How To Ace A Video Interview

As companies continue to hire, a lot have turned to video interviews, when recruiting during lockdown. This could be something brand new, but it’s important to remember this is no different to physical job interviews.

Here are some top tips on how to impress, virtually.

Be Prepared

It goes without saying that you need to be prepared as much as you would be for a face to face interview. Research the company, look into the background of the person interviewing you and prepare for common interview questions. Also, get some examples of some great work you have done, ready to help shape your answers.

Dress Appropriately

Most of us have spent lockdown in tracksuits and pyjamas. However, this isn’t professional and won’t leave a good, lasting impression to a perspective employer. Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Smart causal is usually best!

Check You Surroundings

Make your environment as comfortable as possible. You want to feel at ease during your interview. Be in an area that you won’t be disturbed and isn’t overly noisy. You may find it distracting being in a room where people are in and out of constantly. Also, remember you’re on camera!

Be On Time

As you would in a face to face interview, make sure you are on time! Respect the interviewers time and be prompt. Lateness will not leave a good first impression & there’s no delayed train excuse!

Practice Makes Perfect

You may want to do a practice run with friends or family. Try video calling them with the set up being used to test the technology too.

Follow all of these and you should nail your video interview!

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