Our Services

Our process for each recruitment assignment is robust and we are committed to providing the highest quality service.  

  • We will conduct research on the potential candidate pool

  • Each role will be headhunted (targeting passive applicants)

  • Each role will be advertised using national job boards e.g. Guardian & Charity jobs

  • We will use our extensive networks

  • Each role will be managed by a highly experienced recruiter 

  • All candidates will be vetted and assessed before submission

  • Bespoke tests can be administered on behalf of clients where required

  • We can also assist with shortlisting for interview as well as sit on interview panels.

  • Our highly competitive fee will incorporate all of the above items

If you are happy to work with us we can assist and help determine the most effective recruitment strategy for your organisation. We will work closely with each client to ensure that all parties have open lines of communication and feedback loops are established.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in more detail and understand our pricing structure.